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  • KooriKitsune 4:51 pm on October 1, 2012 Permalink |  

    Bokeh Dream 

    I’ve always had a love for the bokeh effect, both in photography and wallpaper design so here is a pack of some such wallpapers I made earlier today. What was most of an issue albeit not a big one was getting the different hues distinct from each other while still sharing the same base pattern, so there are a couple that have only minor differences but I would still want to say that they are pretty much unique. I also know that there usually are a whole bunch of bokeh wallpapers out there but I wanted to give it a try myself.

    Li’l edit: Hah whoops. Could be more professional and not forget the link to the wallpapers. Here it is!

    Wallpapers are © 2012 Pontus Sandberg, Highwinter Studio

    Bokeh Dream cover

  • ziotech 2:47 pm on September 11, 2012 Permalink |
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    No "I" in "team". 

    Insert image here

    Why hello!

    My name is Linus and I’m new to the newly started team, or whatever I should call it.

    I just wanted to say hello and introduce myself, so here goes:

    My name is, as previously stated, Linus Schön. I’m 17 years old and I have decided to work with designing websites. I’m going to collaborate with Pontus from now on and work on coding web-pages and other general designing stuff.

    Koori is my mentor and I am his student, so all the work I’ve done so far have been spawned because he was so kind as to help me learn the language. (I blame him if anything turns out bad..)

    With that said, I wish you all a nice day.

  • KooriKitsune 1:11 pm on September 9, 2012 Permalink |  

    Approaching famous people, approaching strangers 

    Famous artists. Famous people overall.

    We’ve all seen one, two, many, though I doubt anybody has ever seen them all, albeit close to.

    We also have that one, two or several artists that we look up to, follow in their footsteps, try to become, want to talk with, want to socialize with.

    Maybe you even are one.

    Famous artists are most usually hard to reach because of their repeatedly busy schedule with either commissions, personal projects and their real job (unless being an artist actually is their occupation). The few lucky ones to have a steady connection with the artist are those who are returning customers or people who has been there for/with them from the time when they weren’t as big as they are today.

    Artists can have a tendency to sink into their workflow so much that they disappear from at least the online world – sometimes just a day, sometimes several weeks; they go AWOL (AwayWithoutOfficiallyLeaving) because they are, as said, so deep in their workflow they don’t want to interrupt it. However it might as well be that they need a break of sorts to concentrate on something else to save up energy for that passionate flame for creating their art.

    Freelancing artists are most commonly their own boss when it comes to how occupied they are – some may use this to their advantage to keep themselves away, saying they are too busy to be in touch with, when they actually really aren’t. Then again, there are cases where the artist is actually honest; artists are people too.

    Artists are people too. Meaning; they are just as approachable as any other human being. The outcome is unique for every person, of course, so expect as much reply from them as from a stranger because after all, if you haven’t ever talked or interacted with the artist(s) that you look up to, you are strangers to each other and will most probably be treated as such from one way, and that’s where a good first impression is important, if you really want to actually get to know the artist, just like a normal being trying to befriend people at school or a convention. Nobody likes suck-ups that only wants to befriend artists because of wanting free art from them.

    Depending on what people the artist have met during the time they’ve been doing their thing they too may have grown a negative prejudice – be it subconscious or not – toward strangers, just like any other human being would and does. This usually can’t be helped unless there’s a sudden yet gentle flood of kind and honest people approaching them in a friendly and true manner. Personally I do not know the ratio of suck-ups contra true people since they are as individual per artist as the outcome when contacting them the first time, however I do know and believe that as an artist that has fans, they should make an effort in publicly acknowledging that they’ve been contacted and say like “thanks for the support” (if such is given) or “thank you for all the messages, I read everyone of them but I’m afraid I can’t reply to them all”, and at least reply to the occasional PM/mail because when a fan/follower does receive a positive reply from an artist they admire, it could very well make the day for them, but might as well ruin it if the reply is something negative. If it is negative, try to sugarcoat it but make sure the message goes through anyway (politeness does help!). Then again, even I think that if a message is downright rude/insulting/offending either ignore the message, report the person to the appropriate lead or reply properly if you have to. If you know really want to get in personal touch with the artist(s), it is important to not make yourself look like a suck-up and again, be polite and use proper grammar. First impressions!

    Now to get personal: I dare say I am sitting between both seats – I have artists that I look up to and love what they create, I’d also love to get to know them as a person, befriend them. But apparently I am an artist that some people look up to, too. Quoting Uncle Kage from this year’s Eurofurence in Magdeburg; “I never want to become so famous I’m unapproachable – if I am, punch me back down”, meaning, I want to always be approachable, and I will always do my best to reply to people that message, even if they’re a stranger, because I know myself how disappointing and heartbreaking it can be to not get a reply/get a offending reply back from one of those you do admire, and I know that big artists have their own people they admire and want to contact, so they should as well know about that feeling and try to put themselves in that situation. And there isn’t a single artist or human being that hasn’t been turned down, or if they haven’t, it’ll happen sometime. What is important though, is to still stay strong, not let it get the best of you, and hopefully you’ll still be able to admire what they create.

    However for me, having been burned one time too much from artists I admire, I keep myself away from most of them in any way possible when it comes to contacting them, except for putting some of their art in my Favorites section where I follow them. I’ve stopped following some other artists though simply because of how rude they have been in return when I messaged them. Anybody can be a prick, but anybody could as well be a really good person; the artists might as well had had a bad day and really didn’t mean to reply like that, but it did leave a bad first impression and ticked me off well enough, whereas a simple apology would help. I am not better than anybody else, I make mistakes too but I do try to make the best out of the situation, I do try to reply to messages I get.

    Another thing I despise, despite how true it is, is when you’re asking some artist you look up to (doesn’t matter if you’ve talked before or not) and the only thing you get as a reply is “practice makes perfect”. Yes, practice makes perfect, with some guidelines here and there: “Look at how this artist does it”, “You could make the lines thinner/shading more defined”, “try posing the arm differently; use a mirror”, “look at this website for references”. If you’re inclined to reply with “practice makes perfect”, it really does help if you also give a quick hint/critique or include a link to some tutorial or website. People who ask artists about advice don’t look for copying the artist straight-out; it’s because they like that artist’s style and would want to achieve something similar or inspired from.

    In short:
    Treat others the way you want to be treated.

  • KooriKitsune 1:08 pm on August 11, 2012 Permalink |  

    I finally fell for it…(?) 

    Passing by a typical Swedish forest on my way home.

    I actually did use some photographic rules in this one, namely the Rule of Thirds

    I don’t mean to be mainstream in anyway, really, except for when it comes to things that I personally think are actually good, such as Instagram. However I did not go there at first because of just that reason: “Everybody’s doing it, it’s too mainstream”. Problem was that I never checked out that app and with those words from people around me, my prejudice towards it was set.

    About a month or so ago I did head out to look and try it out however, and as a rookie photographer (I do have a degree in photography, mind you) I have to say that it indeed a good camera and photo-sharing app for smartphones. Still, just having the app, taking photos with it and/or adding filters to said photos does not make you a photographer of any kind except for amateur photographer, unless you actually know how to take good photos without the constant use of the 1:1 ratio and repetitive filters. Here’s a good guide on how to take good photos, make good use of it – you can only break the rules if you know them.

    Because my lack of success to find a job so far I have not been able to yet purchase a DSLR for my photography, however what I have been producing art-wise are digital and traditional drawings which I’ll probably post soon, if I find the content good enough to be published online. Blame my perfectionism about having a profile that should look as good as possibly possible (I’d never make it too far on the stage, I think). Until then you’ll have to bear with my smartphone photography and continuous ramblings about anything relating to art and design.

    For some time now I have been following Lockergnome after discovering them a few months back through their main face Chris Pirillo on their YouTube channel, and so far I really like what the man is saying in their daily Geek Out‘s. He is informative, open-minded, multi-platformed, funny and very welcoming towards questions and content he’s getting from his fans with and between every video, even though it can be hard to reach him through the comment section alone (which of course is natural, due to the number of people following him). You can find the man on Google+, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

    Also, please excuse the absence, things have been going up and down quite wildly recently and that’s what kept me away from my website, however I shall make up for it!

    Today’s quote is:
    “If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.”
    ― Lewis Carroll

  • KooriKitsune 6:42 pm on June 13, 2012 Permalink |  

    Colds shouldn’t be allowed during the summer…! 

    Bleh, just when I was getting into the lovely groove of online activity I caught a nasty summer cold that brought me down back into bed in an instant. As soon as I’ve recovered, I’ll be posting more stuff on here!

    I’d like to mention that I’ve started learning Blender and soon I’ll even start submitting Work in Progress pictures of what I’m creating. I’ve already ran through the basics with the help of some tutorials over at cgcookie and they’ve really helped me out! Even though the tutorials are two years old the software is similar in its UI and the shortcuts are the same. I really recommend them for beginners. Next I’ll be trying in Blender is sculpting a special character of mine that I use as an online alias here and there – some of you may even recognize him!

    Soon enough I’ll properly practice some drawing, especially since I got this really nice book in graduation present from my uncle. I’ll be learning from it rather efficiently, I hope. It’s the way they’ve presented and describing perspective that really got to me – I’ve always been learnt to use only one kind of perspective rule when drawing, such as one-, two- or three-point perspective, but in there they describe how you can combine them in a good-looking way to further improve the impressive composition you can pull off when drawing. I’m definitely going to use such techniques in bigger projects and even commissions (which I’ll be resuming soon enough).

    I’ll be heading out for today and recover the best I can through laying down in my bed with a good book and a cup of tea with honey in it. And some milk. It’s really yummy. Who knows, I might even be posting some art or designs that relate to recipes in the future! What I also have in mind for the future is a story that I’ll be writing for that character I’ve mentioned and shortly after that the story in comic form. I’m also thinking of creating some kind of game soon too! Phew, lots of goals and ambitions, but that’s what keeps me going and alive, for the most part.

    “It’s the details that makes the picture.”
    – Pontus Sandberg

    (I will find other quotes and not go with the ones I’ve had for years, but they make do for now.)

  • KooriKitsune 10:14 am on June 10, 2012 Permalink |  

    Even watches smile upon a bright day 

    My wristwatch for approx. six years

    These two photos were taken for an assignment outside my now previous school. I shot them with a Nikon D3000 camera with a macro objective (which I sadly don’t remember the brand or model of) and luck as well as skill was with me this time.

    I wanted to portray an old but trustworthy friend of mine – my wristwatch. It has been on my wrist for nearly six years and during these years I’ve switched its band about three times and its battery; only once. This watch never fail me. It is exactly on time, I need only set its time twice a year because of daylight saving time. It’s been scratched against rocks and boulders from climbing (which I do from time to time), it’s been around in laser tag games and competitions I’ve been in when I was in elementary school.

    Even this pair of shoes were with me in some competitions and races even if I knew they weren’t made for it, but I felt they could do just as well. I mean, shoes are meant to be used to protect your feet, no matter where, really. Though you’d have to keep in mind on really where you keep them; it’s not that wise of a thought to bring this kind of shoes to, say, a construction site. Even your toes need a hardhat there!

    Favorite shoes! They do quite well for Parkour.

    Björn Borg is both a fashion brand and the former no.1 tennis player from Sweden. I do not know if they actually are related to one another but they strongly suggest that, given they use/have the same title/name. Their clothing, all ranging from underwear to shirts and shoes, are comfortable to wear – I highly recommend them.

    These shoes have been with me through thick and thin, just like my wristwatch but not really for as long; only three years. Currently, they are my favorite pair and as you can probably see they already worn out a bit, but that’s to be expected after three years and especially since they once where under a thick (50 centimeter (1,6ft)) layer of mud. That time I misread the ground during a jump and landed misfortunately, resulting in my feet to up to my knees covered in dense, dark and fresh mud. Yet my shoes still shine in their strong purple (after a rough wash)!

    Sadly, I don’t have any system camera and I can’t borrow my school’s, so new photos will have to wait until I’ve gotten one (hopefully a Nikon D90 or a Nikon D7000 but I will most certainly post older photos that I’ve taken with such a camera!

    I’m rather eager about testing out different lighting such as the Rembrant lighting and butterfly lighting on people but also on inanimate objects – I like to try the different and there’s no stopping me in this, except for the lack of a proper camera, of course. My smartphone can do very well, but not enough for that kind of photography, sadly. And no, I don’t use Instagram for it! I use Pixlr-o-matic and Lightbox (which is apparently joining Facebook in just a few days!) if anything. It’s too mainstream to be mainstream, so I join the other side to fight it and stand out like that. Because I can. And want. Always have. I am one to do the not really common but still sane and logical stuff!

    “All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make, the better.”
    – Ralph Waldo Emerson

  • KooriKitsune 6:10 pm on June 9, 2012 Permalink |  

    There’s got to be a first time sometime! 

    This recently opened WordPress blog of mine as a place where I will be doing most updates about the art, stories and designs I create for myself, communities, individuals and companies. This is a big step for me to take, seeing as I haven’t been active online like this before! I’m currently building up my social networks – you can find me on Google+ here and my Twitter is located here. I can be found a little everywhere on the internet but that I’ll leave you up to search for me. It’s always fun with a challenge. 

    I’ll get back to my business with art and different administrations here and there; I love to keep my mind busy and active with new things and puzzles, wherever they can be found.

    Remember; Your Imagination is a bottomless source of Inspiration.

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